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 Oracle has announcedits latest line of workload-specific, enterprise-class servers, the Sun Server X4-4 and Sun Server X4-8. Co-engineered with...Read more..

 LAPCARE has received LPP (Lapcare Protection Plan) claims which is approx just 1% of overall sales in a month has assured the quality standards...Read more..

 AMD has announced new x86 AMD Embedded G-Series system-on-chip (SoC) and central processing unit (CPU) solutions for embedded applications, incl...Read more..

 RDP has announced the launch and immediate availability of new product from its quiver XL-700  Mini PC Powered by Intel Core i3 Processor w...Read more..

 With the aim of strengthening the rural primary education system in Jhajjar, Panasonic India, under its Ecoskool project, has contributed solar...Read more..

 Micrel has introduced the MIC23099 power management solution. The device is targeted at single AA/AAA battery cell applications. Operating from...Read more..

 True to its core philosophy of putting consumers first, and believing to provide the world-class services to its consumers, Tata Power Delhi Dis...Read more..

ZOTAC International has unveiled the first ZBOX Sphere to let users express their individuality through computing. The new ZOTAC ZBOX Sphere OI520 ser...Read more..

 Without PowerSafe has announced additional 1 year warranty on PS-600 VA & PS-1000VA ECO UPS models at no additional cost. These models earli...Read more..