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Tell us about your company and your business operations?GoIP has been in the market since 1994 and we were then primarily doing product line of busine...Read more..

Trace the early days of the Lalani Group?The Lalani Group, which was established way back in 1978, functions in four segments, namely retail, distribu...Read more..

Can you tell us something about the company?We started our company way back in 1998. From a turnover of mere Rs.40 lakh, the company stood at Rs.150 c...Read more..

By VARINDIA    2010-04-22

When was Modi InfoSolutions Pvt. Ltd. founded and what has been the predominant belief that has driven the company's success?Initially, we started our...Read more..

The SMB sector is showing definite signs of fast growth. According to Access Markets International (AMI) Partners, SMB spending on IP telephony across...Read more..

Microsoft has always been known for delivering better value proposition to its Channel Community through the adoption of strategic approach, which has...Read more..

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If any segment lures the vendors to the Indian market to invest, it is the SMB market. If one looks at the market statistics, in all product categorie...Read more..

India has rapidly emerged as a lucrative SMB market that no vendor can afford to ignore. Backed by the buoyant Indian economy and the large SMB market...Read more..