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By VARINDIA    2010-02-20

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In today's advanced business environment, information assets are growing in complexity as well as in volume and organizations are looking at storage i...Read more..

By VARINDIA    2010-02-18

A computer database is a repository of structured data or information and a database management system is a collection of programmes that allows stora...Read more..

By VARINDIA    2010-02-18

Today, information is the most important asset for an organization and losing this information can cause a lot of organizations to go out of business....Read more..

By VARINDIA    2010-02-18

Since its entry into the Indian market, Fujitsu has been steadily building on its customers’ base and is all set to do well in the current fisca...Read more..

By VARINDIA    2010-02-17

Fujitsu, a provider of complete portfolio of business technology services, computing platforms and industry solutions, is all set to grow its clout in...Read more..