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The data storage industry is one of the most dynamic sectors in information technology today. Storage technology has undergone rapid transformation, a...Read more..

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The tier-2 channel partners of IBM had never been so lucky to sell as they are these days, the reason being that they have been given to sell the mid-...Read more..

The growing use of Internet and the users downloading huge data, the appetite for storage space is growing by the day. It is not uncommon for a deskto...Read more..

 Leveraging on its storage leadership to stake claim to a billion dollar infrastructure market in India over the next three years, EMC outlined i...Read more..

Relatively speaking, storage virtualization is a simple concept. All you have to do is to take a bunch of networked storage devices and turn them into...Read more..

Companies grappling with the issues of cost, management and resource allocation within their storage infrastructure should take heed. New technologies...Read more..

By VARINDIA    2010-02-23

Most of the storage firms are of the view that some trends in storage that have gained a strong foothold will persist in 2010. Today information is th...Read more..