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Customer Relationship Management or CRM has already proved itself instrumental in various sectors, not only transforming consumer experiences but also...Read more..

By VARINDIA    2017-12-12

If an individual asks 15 minutes, is it a long time or a short time? The answer will vary since it depends on a variety of conditions. Taking an examp...Read more..

Amar Babu, Vice President & COO (Asia Pacific), Lenovo shares of how and why Lenovo is different from the rest of its competitors -   I...Read more..

Organizations are now coming to terms with the fact that complying with the EU GDPR is a necessity for business success. With data privacy recognized...Read more..

Conducting business in the modern world of advanced marketing can be similar to walking on a tight rope- one tiny mistake and humpty dumpty has a cere...Read more..

That 800 million jobs will be impacted by 2030 and the Bots are taking away these jobs across 800 occupations is a provocative piece of news!! While a...Read more..

Among predictions: Attackers will follow organizations into the cloud, companies will capitalize on automation to remedy the skills shortage, cryptocu...Read more..

The Connected Car isn’t Just a Car Anymore   IHS Markit forecasts that by 2023, worldwide sales of connected cars will reach 72.5 mil...Read more..

We live in a time where technology is the driving force of the constant evolution of the world we know. Society has advanced at a much faster rate in...Read more..