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S Mohini Ratna Editor VARINDIA With 1.9 billion devices expected to get connected in India alone by 2023, the Indian IoT market is forecasted to...Read more..

McAfee’s focus as one of the largest pure play cybersecurity players has been to be torch bearers for the industry. “We have been leading...Read more..

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The IoT (Internet of Things) is a network of devices connected to the Internet that gathers and transmits data. The ubiquitous adoption of devices lik...Read more..

The digital revolution has impacted almost everything in the world, which we can think of. Travel industry has seen a complete change the way people p...Read more..

Over the past few decades, India has been at the centre of consumer demand fuelled by technological advances. Now with Sri. Narendra Modi’s &lsq...Read more..

Digitalization and mobility adoption in FMCG companies happened a decade ago through Sales force Automation. This was ably steered by large multinatio...Read more..

Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency touted to be the greatest invention after the Internet, is at heart an unregulated currency, breaking free from controls o...Read more..

S Mohini Ratna Editor, VARINDIA Connectivity is increasing day by day. A question is: can we leverage strengths readily available in the market t...Read more..