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With the volume of cyber-attacks continuing unabated, security has become a boardroom concern with most companies preferring to have in-house security...Read more..

By VARINDIA    2017-09-07

Mr. Biswanath Sengupta Project Director - UIDAI, HCL Infosystems   The digital age is upon us. The increasing need for authentication to...Read more..

As some of you would know, Nefarious bots including those that exploit Internet of Things (IoT) devices as weapons of attack are one of the fastest-gr...Read more..

As an educator, I am frequently asked about the role of computer science and STEM. Although computer science subject matter can serve as a main driver...Read more..

Mobile technologies being one of the most preferred channels of interactions has taken the world by storm, unlocking diversified avenues. It has revol...Read more..

Eight years ago, Starbucks developed its own app for mobile payments. Today, it’s still held up as the gold standard in the United States. In As...Read more..

Phishing and ransomware are crucial concerns for any organization, be it a SME or a multinational. It can rob or disable access to corporate or person...Read more..

The future where robots will be in every home and workplace is not far away.   With recent developments in AI, we are seeing the advent o...Read more..

Ransomware isn’t a new threat and has grown manifolds in the past few years. The growth is not merely in number of infections, but as well in so...Read more..