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We are living in an era of disruption and data economy. Transforming business by leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies, experience design and a...Read more..

Prateek Garg, Managing Director - Progressive Infotech on how his company’s journey has been while exiting from the traditional business that it...Read more..

By VARINDIA    2017-06-12

Gone are the days of 4000 Sq Feet, 12 to 15 tellers and 6 to 8 hours of operation, technology is to pave way for more downsized branches with a smalle...Read more..

Natraj Akella is the business head and Vice President of Wi-Fi services at Tata Teleservices. He works on business and operating models around converg...Read more..

Saurabh Kabra, Director – Business Operations India, Truvison   The current tax structure is deeply engaged with complexities in the...Read more..

The threat landscape is ever changing. With the change in motivations behind the attacks from an individual system disruption, service disruption, net...Read more..

 K. Nanda Kumar, Founder, President & CEO, Suntec Business Solutions   Suntec Business Solutions has an impressive customer base g...Read more..

Zicom has come a long way ever since it pioneered Zicom 1.0 back in 1994. From electronic security to introducing SaaS and innovating its services bus...Read more..

The fast-paced evolution in the technology space is re-shaping the business model holistically. From the innovation standpoint, every day is a new adv...Read more..