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S. N. Tripathy, IAS, Additional Secretary & Development Commissioner, MSME, Government of India     “As long as your beha...Read more..

Som Satsangi, Vice-President & General Manager, Enterprise Group and Managing Director for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) in India, is respons...Read more..

Rajesh Aggarwal, IAS, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India     “Very few people know that while w...Read more..

By VARINDIA    2017-07-15

Overview and impact in India:   It is alarming yet not a surprise to see another mass scale ransomware attack just weeks after the havoc cr...Read more..

Does your laptop heat a lot while at usage? Well, do you know that overheating can damage your laptops longevity and also the performance and in the m...Read more..

  S Mohini Ratna Editor VARINDIA Technology is changing our responses, reactions and behaviours. Cultivating a digital culture is a way o...Read more..

Dr Alok Bharadwaj, Founder & MD, CreoVate Transformations & Consulting     “You cannot be a business leader without u...Read more..

Vishal Dhupar, Managing Director, South Asia – NVIDIA   “If you ask me what enterprises need, in one word it is intelligence. I...Read more..

India is witnessing a wave of digital transformation and as we welcome the era of enhanced connectivity, improved bandwidth and upgraded devices, the...Read more..