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By VARINDIA    2017-03-28

GST, a biggest reform in India’s indirect tax structure. The host of indirect taxes currently levied either by Central or State government will...Read more..

In recent years, cyber attackers have adopted a new, more surreptitious operational mandate; one that employs a set of strategies and technologies tha...Read more..

Data security practices that disrupt workflow place an undue burden on users and administrators   With native encryption being factory inst...Read more..

Raimund Genes, CTO - Trend Micro in an interview with VARINDIA highlights the cyber threats that the world faces, about its market and positioning in...Read more..

Artificial intelligence (AI) was a buzzing trend, witnessed by 2016. AI has left its mark on significant sectors – be it biggies of ecommerce an...Read more..

Big Data Analytics is rapidly evolving the culture in which IT industry leaders and cyber security professionals have been working together to uncover...Read more..

Money funded on IT security systems is definitely no guarantee of a full proof security but going by what trends say, it is surely occupying a major a...Read more..

      2016 witnessed a historic transformation to the Indian Tax system with the proposition of the Goods and Service Tax (GST...Read more..

      Connecting machines, devices, sensors, and other things of daily use with an intelligent network and make sense out of them,...Read more..