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Shekhar Dutt SM, Former Governor of Chattisgarh & Chairman - Angika Development Society   Life cannot exist without challenges. There a...Read more..

As the list of organizations falling prey to attackers increases with each passing year, the critical shortage of security experts is both widespread...Read more..

Dr Vipin Tyagi Executive Director – C-DOT  There are some cyber tips. Like ‘Laalach nehi karna’ (don’t be greedy on...Read more..

As Generation AI starts to walk and talk, technology embedded with AI will help them learn. Toddlers will have toys, robots and other devices that wil...Read more..

Dell EMC has achieved the milestone of completing one year of its partner program. Both Dell EMC channel business in APJ and partner’s businesse...Read more..

The popularity of online shopping is undebatable. With close to329.1 million people projected to buy goods and services online in India by 2020, it ha...Read more..

By VARINDIA    2018-03-05

Our ICT and telecom industry is well into the 21st century. So why isn’t our education system geared up for what needs to be delivered to upcomi...Read more..

S Mohini Ratna Editor VARINDIA The Union Budget showcases a master plan for rural and agricultural development by dovetailing the financial resou...Read more..

Network Traffic Analysis gives you x-ray vision   One of the most useful things to have in your network monitoring toolkit is the Network T...Read more..