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*astTECS unveils PRI Gateway Solution

By VARINDIA    2017-06-19



*astTECS has launched *astPG 30 and *astPG 60 PRI Gateway. The *astPG 30 includes a single T1/E1/PRI interface and supports up to 30 concurrent calls. The *astPG 60 doubles the capacity with two T1/E1/PRI interfaces and up to 60 concurrent calls.


The solution helps businesses control communication overheads and realize an early RoI. The key features of *astTECS PRI include: Call Routing, Multiple SIP registrars, Multilevel alternative routing, Black / White list, QoS Routing, Call Manipulation, Header & Number Manipulation, Codec Translation & Transrating and Overlap / En-block conversion. The gateway offers scalable solution for up to: 2 E1 Ports, an E-SBC feature set for VoIP-to-VoIP & ISDN-to-VoIP, high precise 5ppm clock for full fax and DECTT support and ensures full ISDN quality for voice, fax and data. The compact and feature-rich gateway is equipped with leading-edge features like Integrated SIP registrar & location Server, Integrated E-SBC feature set, ISDN supplementary services Conversion, Advice of Charge (AoC) generation, Full IP routing & firewall capabilities, Remote provisioning, VPN and SNMP.


“Adequate with progressive features and functionalities and a very compelling price-to-performance ratio, *astTECS PRI Gateway is an ideal solution for enterprises and growing small and medium businesses, enabling steady migration to IP Telephony,” said Dr Devasia Kurian, CEO, *astTECS.


*astTECS Made-In-India products and solutions serves users across the globe and the company continues to leverage its strong capabilities in product innovation, helping enterprises and SMEs capitalize on the latest in technology and adapt to customer’s communications requirements and evolving market opportunities. The company offers the most comprehensive, integrated and compelling Telecom Infrastructure Solution based on Asterisk platform that are feature rich, helps improve consistency & performance and creates a scalable, stable and resilient network that optimizes value.


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