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Consul Neowatt has announced the launch of Falcon 7000M, a three-phase modular online UPS. With this launch, Consul Neowatt is the first Indian company to join the select group of companies globally which have the capability to develop and manufacture modular UPS. The Falcon 7000M available in a range scalable up to 900 Kva is ideally suited for critical applications like Datacenter, IT/ITeS, E-commerce, BFSI, Retail, Education and Entertainment segments.


The Falcon 7000M UPS has been developed to deliver on three key areas – Flexibility, Availability and Lower Total Cost of Ownership. Clients can pay as they grow by adding the required UPS modules to provide the required redundancy and capacity as their power needs evolve and change with time. This provides the flexibility at a lower total cost of ownership as it avoids oversizing the initial design. Falcon 7000M is available in two flexible configurations of 25 and 30 KVA modules for vertical scalability with a maximum of 6 and10 modules in a frame, based on the requirement.


Falcon 7000M has been designed with hot swappable power modules, centralized static bypass module and inbuilt manual bypass switch with special attention in design to avoid single point of failures in the system. Each module has its own controller which eliminates the need of a common controller. It becomes the right choice for all infrastructures with a compact footprint of less than 2m² for providing 900 kVA of uninterruptible power protection. Falcon 7000M uses an advanced topology to provide 96% efficiency when operating in online double conversion mode. The Falcon 7000M also uses a unique active hibernation feature which allows the unused UPS module to go into the sleep mode, thus improving the efficiency of UPS at light load conditions.


Modules can be inserted and removed with the UPS still running, which simplifies routine maintenance and eliminates service-related downtime, as well as cutting inventory levels of specialized spare parts. Online-swap technology can help achieve “six nines” availability (99.9999 per cent availablity).


Sriram Ramakrishnan, CEO & MD, Consul Neowatt, says, “Launching the Falcon 7000M represents our continued commitment to the Indian UPS market to provide innovative new solutions which are reliable, efficient and cost-effective for meeting the needs of customers with business critical applications. With the Falcon 7000M, we offer cutting-edge UPS technology which gives our customers a flexible solution for addressing their power backup needs which scales with their business growth.”


Falcon 7000M can be switched directly on battery without mains which provides the flexibility to run the UPS to support the testing of critical loads during installation without utility power. Falcon 7000M can also perform load test at different loads without any additional loads required at site, thus simplifying periodic testing requirements which are a mandatory requirement to check the health of the UPS as required for mission-critical applications.