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Mandar Joshi
Head Channel Business - DIGISOL Systems

One of the main focuses last year was to position DIGISOL as a major “Made in India” brand, giving importance to locally manufactured products. Today DIGISOL has emerged as a string 'Made In India' brand in the Indian Networking market which is today flooded with other foreign brands, especially Chinese that are slowly killing profitability in this space.

“We want to establish ourselves as an Indian brand. We have technology and infrastructure to do that and that makes DIGISOL different from other brands. We wanted to make it a pull brand from a push brand and therefore, we wanted to make sure that our channel knows DIGISOL very well and they are confident to sell the products. We have seen good growth in wireless market after the massive marketing and promotion activities,” comments Mandar Joshi, Head Channel Business - DIGISOL Systems.

As per IDC, 2016 report, Digisol is among the top four brands in wireless products for unit shipment. Last fiscal year was good for DIGISOL as it emerged as a strong player in home and SOHO segment and got good mind and market share for broadband routing. It also did good business in wireless segment and is now amongst the top brands in Wireless.

With advent of Digitisation, mobility and social media consumer awareness is increasing and is also reflecting in consumer buying behaviour. Digisol realizes that in today’s time, the brand presence on digital media is a must. The presence on online channel increases the visibility of the products and some customers who see the product online call the offline stores for products. In other words, online visibility brings business to the traditional channel as well. Nowadays it is essential to be online to maintain the presence online that is a must for maintaining the brand image as well.

“We have big focus and budget to promote DIGISOL brand on digital media. While advertising in print media remains a part of our promotion, we will be very active on social media front on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc,” sums up Mandar.