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Hortonworks has announced that Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) has been selected by Nissan Motor Company to power its data lake.


According to the company, HDP is powered by Apache Hadoop and enabled by a robust ecosystem, was selected to build Nissan Motor’s data lake infrastructure and collect all data from across the business, including driving data and quality data. As a result, Big Data can be utilized by Nissan Motor in applications such as the analysis of battery usage in electric vehicles and quality management that requires cross-functional data analysis.


“Nissan Research Center’s Silicon Valley team has been evaluating Hadoop as a foundation for our modern data architecture since 2014,” said Satoshi Kitsuki, Division General Manager, Global IT Division, Nissan Motor Co.

He further added, “After comparing a variety of vendors, Hortonworks and HDP received the highest evaluation by our team because of its open source approach, enterprise readiness and vibrant partner ecosystem.”


“Nissan Motor’s deployment is one of the most sophisticated global customer deployments of HDP among those who have built data lakes,” said Kamal Brar, Vice President of Asia Pacific, Hortonworks, Inc. “Hortonworks will continue to support Nissan Motor as a strategic partner to utilize data, including that from the Internet of Things, to further build its data lake.”