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Kingston has transformed from being a small garage store in 1987 to become a multi-billion dollar conglomerate. The 30 Year journey has been rather exciting as it expanded its portfolio, initially with Flash based products like USBs, and eventually positioned itself successfully as a lifestyle technology brand. Being the forerunners in the industry and having invested in upcoming technologies, Kingston has built audience interest for its product categories. It has designed promotion and educative campaigns for various segments of the market, which helps them make sense of the new age technology and understand the prowess that Kingston and HyperX bring to the board rooms and market.

“Our success mantra could largely be attributed to delivering a best-in-class quality proposition to the customers at a value price,” cites Vishal Parekh, Marketing Director, Kingston Technology & HyperX – India. “This includes not compromising on After sales services. We have been successful in transforming our challenges into healthy relations tailoring sales and marketing strategies and a healthy communication model defined by the audience. The success has been possible majorly with the team efforts and internal collaborative strategies which led us to be creative and innovate more ways to bring value to our consumers and partners. We are elated and extremely proud to be part of one of the rare success brand stories in the world.”

For Kingston, understanding the Indian Market and requirements is its key trait. “We were the pioneers of the DDR4 technology at a time when the industry was adamant on the older DDR3, again invested in the SSD business when others found it infeasible. Being with Kingston for over 10 years, one thing is clear that the brand works the smart way and this itself gives it an edge,” says Vishal. 

Listening to audiences and most importantly to the Channel partners, Media, Corporates, Alliances, and end users to create a stronger product and brand name has been very instrumental in taking the brand to where it is today. Vishal personally has been able to break the traits of the growth in four distinct areas – expertise, leadership, business and personality that has helped Kingston achieve new heights.

In other words, Kingston has been a partner for quite a lot of enterprises and brands to help them make valuable decisions and improve the business productivity. It has helped businesses become digitally mature to improve organizational agility and customer experience. With Kingston’s knowledge and expertise, businesses can manage a smooth transition and become future proof. 


Vishal Parekh
Marketing Director, Kingston Technology & HyperX – India