Microsoft has released unprecedented application development capabilities in the hands of developers with the launch of Visual Studio 2017 that delivers new capabilities for developers to be more productive than ever.


Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 is the world's most complete integrated development environment (IDE), supporting developers of all types of applications, for every platform, in nearly every language. Since Visual Studio 2015 released, it has been installed over 21.1 million times.


Visual Studio 2017 comes integrated with Xamarin, which makes it faster for developers to create mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Even as applications get larger and faster, Visual Studio 2017 features a brand-new installation experience that is lightweight and modular. Visual Studio 2017, also has new features that allow development teams to easily adopt modern DevOps practices and collaborate to react to market changes faster and continuously.


Narendra Bhandari, General Manager – DX, Developer eXperience, Microsoft India, said, “Visual Studio 2017 delivers a great cloud and mobile development experience, boosts DevOps capabilities to drive higher levels of collaboration and productivity for developers. We already have nearly 700,000 downloads of the Visual Studio 2017 RC, the most powerful and productive version of Visual Studio yet.”


The Microsoft Visual Studio family is growing at a rapid rate. It has seen a 25 percent increase in monthly active users of Visual Studio. Today there are more than 1.3 million activity monthly users of Visual Studio Code. Microsoft has also introduced updates to Visual Studio for Mac, Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Mobile Center. In addition, Microsoft is bringing all-new benefits for Visual Studio Enterprise subscribers and Dev Essentials members. Many developers today use IDEs because they value a rich, integrated experience with everything they need for their development process in one environment, from designers, code editors, code analyzers, debuggers, to testing and deployment tools.