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Fujitsu had its share of achievements during the year 2-16-17 and success has been mainly due to following reasons -


* Fujitsu aligned closely with sales team, as it believes that most of the marketing strategy will not be successful if this is not supported by sales team. Moreover they are people who often visit customers and their input is very much necessary to make any marketing engaging a success.


* Last year, Fujitsu India saw almost 3.5 lakhs impressions on its Social media channels.


* Though Fujitsu does not spend large on marketing, but this in a way is very advantage as it needs to keep innovating and generate maximum interests with minimum investment. It has its partners in most of the go to Market strategy and aligns with Intel, Microsoft, SAP and others in most of its marketing activities.


* Fujitsu is constantly building customer reference stories which are public, available on website and Social media channels. Besides, its sales, pre-sales and after service are working hard to have satisfied customer.


“We are today living in a hyper-connected world. It is very much necessary to find out what is our strength and focus more on it. We have been more focusing on promoting our services like business Application Services and Managed Infrastructure services along with our solutions. We did have our share of gaining leadership in specific area - like we are growing our HPC installation across countries YoY. Currently we are more than 175+ HPC Customers across country; SAP India has awarded Fujitsu India as Partner of the Year for our Non-Metro Business and have mentioned that the main reason for us to win this award was that our understanding of customer's behaviour in non-metros,” reiterates Santhosh NS, Head of Marketing & Communications – Fujitsu.


In a recent survey commissioned by Fujitsu, it is found that more than 50% of CIOs believe their organisations will not exist in their current form in five years’ time. Security has never been more important. Organisations and their data are at risk from cyber threats that change daily. The average cost of data breach stands at $3.5M and in a third of cases lead to 8 hours of down time or more (Insurance Journal 2014). It takes 9 months to identify 60% of security threats.


Santhosh NS 
 Head of Marketing & Communications - Fujitsu