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National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX) has announced NetApp as the partner of choice for their data backup and storage needs. NCDEX is a nation-level, technology-driven, independently run online commodity exchange.


“In order to enhance customer experience, NCDEX has undertaken several initiatives like development of next-generation trading platforms, trading software, technology infrastructure and other in-house applications. The subsequent data growth put pressure on our IT infrastructure,” said Anand Iyer, Chief Information Officer, NCDEX. “In NetApp, we found the right partner who provided a simplified, cost-effective and efficient data management, backup and recovery plan that ensured data restoration and up-to-date information.”


According to the company, in a world run by technology, digital transformation is the topmost agenda for NCDEX. To successfully transform, they needed to manage their data seamlessly – in order to optimize operations, create innovative business opportunities and enable effective customer experience. This meant regular data backups, fast availability of data within guaranteed hours in case of any disaster and scalable, automated back end storage.


In short, NCDEX needed an effective data management foundation. The answer was NetApp’s FAS3200 series, powered by NetApp’s data protection features – Snapshot, SnapMirror, SnapRestore, and FlexClone technologies. Together, they provided cost- effective, fast and centralized backup storage, application and data management.


Anil Valluri, President, NetApp India & SAARC, said, “NCDEX understood the need to become a data-centric organization to drive business value and to enable new customer touch points through technology. As a result, they were under tremendous pressure to transform, but were required to accomplish this transformation with limited time, skills, and budget. This is where NetApp was able to come in and provide simplified data management.”


The NetApp Data Fabric offered a holistic approach that is secure, efficient, and future-proof and provides freedom of choice. As NCDEX becomes more data-centric, NetApp will support their ongoing digital transformation with real-time data insight, access and control that gives customers the confidence to move into the future. With NCDEX, NetApp has reaffirmed its commitment to unleash the full value of their customer data for competitive advantage.