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NETGEAR has teamed with Arcus Global to run Milestone Arcus on NETGEAR ReadyNAS, the network-attached storage (NAS) solution. This collaboration with Arcus Global will enable businesses to leverage their ReadyNAS for dual purposes – video surveillance storage and management, as well as secure business data storage and backup.


As video surveillance has become a common means of protecting businesses and their customers and visitors, scalability of video systems has become a major challenge, both for supporting more types and quantity of cameras and for storing ever-increasing amounts of video data. The new combined solution from NETGEAR and Arcus Global makes it possible for SMBs – such as cafes, pre-schools, small hotels, independent retailers, small offices, and property management firms, among others – to meet their needs of physical security with minimal investment, effort, and total ownership cost.


“Smaller businesses have to wrestle with video surveillance scalability and data reliability just as large organizations do, but often find that current solutions are too difficult to install, too expensive to acquire, or have too few features and too little capacity,” said Annamalai Ar, National Head Storage – NETGEAR India & SAARC. “We’re very pleased to team with the Arcus Global team, a recognized innovator in video surveillance, to offer SMBs a seamless, cost-effective solution to this challenge.”


Milestone Arcus on ReadyNAS is a world-class IP video surveillance solution for small and medium size businesses, ranging from a family retail store with eight cameras to a large residential apartment building with 100 cameras. This unique, ultra-scalable solution offers total protection of business assets and can be set up and in operation within minutes, without additional training. The free downloadable app runs on all NETGEAR business-class ReadyNAS models.


Business users enjoy premium video surveillance features such as automatic camera discovery, PTZ controls, motion detection, anywhere access to video feeds for live view and playback, and easy export for forensic evidence and investigation.


In addition to performing the video management functions, the ReadyNAS continues to operate as a standard network-attached storage solution. Its full ReadyNAS OS feature set includes ReadyDR (disaster recovery) so businesses can meet the most stringent legal and commercial requirements for video data retention.


NETGEAR offers multiple hardware models of ReadyNAS to meet the performance and storage needs of any SMB. There are desktop and rackmount options with capacity up to 60 bays, supporting extended surveillance video retention, depending on number and type of camera and the duration of time that video data needs to be kept. NETGEAR business-class ReadyNAS models running ReadyNAS OS 6.8 that currently support Milestone Arcus include:


* ReadyNAS RN420 Series of Desktop NAS (RN422, RN424, RN426, RN428)

* ReadyNAS RN520 Series of Desktop NAS (RN524X, RN526X, RN528X)

* ReadyNAS RN620 Series of Desktop NAS (RN626X, RN628X)

* ReadyNAS Rackmount (RR2312, RR2304, RN3138, RR3312, RR4312X, RR4360X)

A camera licence from NETGEAR is required to record video captured from the connected IP surveillance cameras. NETGEAR is offering a one-time 60-day trial licence upon activation of Milestone Arcus on ReadyNAS software.


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