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Panasonic India has recently concluded a seminar addressing the manufacturing needs of the electronics industry and introduced Smart Factory Solutions.


Present at the occasion, Vishal Dahiya, General Manager, Panasonic India, said, “In today’s connected world, manufacturing units must be smart. They should be able to seamlessly integrate with different factory automation systems into a single entity for traceability of any product, any process, regardless of manufacturing mix or volume. And, a Panasonic, we focus on connectivity and new innovations for manufacturing that are Industry 4.0-ready.

These solutions are designed to go beyond Machine-to-Machine interface to offer better outputs.”


According to the company, Around 50 guests from various electronic manufacturing industries attended the seminar. Where the topics of the seminar was, “Panasonic Smart Factory Solutions, (Cyber Physical Solutions for Realizing Digital Smart Factory)” and Market & Technical Trend in Smart Phone Industry (Full Process Solutions for Smart Phone Manufacturing)


Some of the solutions introduced in the seminar were:


• M2M and business systems integration via PanaCIM,

• Panasonic Corporation has developed Industrial 4.0 solutions (PanaCIM Enterprise Edition Modules)

• Scheduler Software (for PPC)

• PanaCIM WIP (Inventory, Traceability, Production Monitoring and Production Analysis)

• PanaCIM MMS (Maintenance Management Module)

• Panasonic NPM-DX


These modules have been developed on the latest technology stacks of .Net Framework 4.0 ASP.Net MVC, HTML5,CSS3, SQL Server 2012.


Moreover, the newly introduced NPM-DX is a next-generation platform that leapfrogs part range, speed, and capability while reducing resource requirements with novel approaches to automated error recovery for uninterrupted production. Using their collective expertise, Panasonic is focused on transforming the manufacturing process from isolated silos to a “lean, agile, and integrated” ecosystem. Specific to M2M communication, the company is using iLNB, PanaCIM and other software capabilities to help machines talk to each other –across the aisle or the globe.



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