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ADATA Technology has signed a partnership agreement with Rashi Peripherals. The new partnership empowers Rashi Peripherals to deliver innovative ADATA Solid-State Drives (SSD) to a wide range of customers, backed by an extensive support and warranty network. ADATA will make sure Rashi has access to its latest products with ample supply to promptly meet demand in the ever-dynamic and growing India market.


Rashi Peripherals and ADATA share a passion for technology and service, with deep commitment to quality and logistical competence. Rashi does more than add to ADATA presence in India – the leading distributor brings excellence and hard-forged experience. Working together, Rashi and ADATA can provide more customers access to a greater selection of quality products such as SSDs, hard drives, and DRAM. The partnership ensures consistent product distribution across India and service becoming available to a wider audience.


ADATA is currently among the top five manufacturers of DRAM, SSDs, USB drives, and SD cards worldwide. Its products are experiencing growing demand and the company just had its most profitable year in the last five years. Likewise, Rashi Peripherals is renowned for proficiency in distribution and logistics, representing companies such as ASUS, Apple, Intel, NVIDIA, Logitech, Micron, and HP. Together, ADATA and Rashi are certain to prosper and better serve Indian customers.


“It is a distinct honour working with Rashi Peripherals. We are keen on expanding in the Indian market and consider it one of our most important locations. With Rashi’s expertise, knowledge, and infrastructure, we can deliver more products to more customers based on actual need. Very importantly, we can also improve the quality of after-sales service we offer buyers. ADATA looks forward to much joint success with Rashi”, said Siddharth Jatania, Managing Director, ADATA India.


“We are excited to partner with ADATA for their SSD solution and gain from their global experience and knowledge. This added product category will help bring in wider range of ADATA products and solutions to the Indian market,” added Rajesh Goenka, Vice-President – Sales and Marketing, Rashi Peripherals.