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Zicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd has recently launched ZIMAN – 24X7 Personal Safety Ecosystem, backed by Zicom’s Command and Control Centre and unique features is carefully designed to ensure immediate action should an individual feel threatened. Ziman application, when downloaded on to one’s smartphone, offers the user safety on the go, in the form of physical, digital as well as environmental security.


The company, therefore, strongly follows a preventive approach on safety. Once downloaded on one’s phone, Ziman offers the user the following five benefits:


Once Ziman is activated, Zicom’s Safety Officers can be instantly alerted by a user at the click of a button. The Safety Officers are immediately granted access to intelligence in terms of location, pictures, audio and video records in stealth mode. By the use of this information, Safety Officers can swing into action by connecting the user to government-owned emergency services (police, fire brigade or ambulance) as the case may be.


Ziman has a first-of- its-kind Aadhaar authentication in-built service for every citizen. It allows the user to instantly verify outsourced assistants like Maids, Drivers and Security Guards. Users can crosscheck the hard copy identification card provided by outsourced assistants with information registered with UIDAI, Government of India. It also makes sure there is no forgery of documents.


The handset-to-handset tracking feature allows external tracking for up to three handsets. A safety button on the application can be easily triggered in case of medical emergencies. Consumers can avail this benefit for monitoring their aged parents or children even when they cannot be physically present with them. The application also comes with a geo-fencing facility that uses the global positioning system (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to define geographical boundaries like school attendance zones or neighbourhood boundaries.


With the use of Ziman, when lost, one can delete personal data though a remote locking system in their mobile phone to prevent misuse. They can also create a backup of their contacts and other data. One can also track the location of their lost mobile phone through Ziman. The application provides immediate intimation to the owner of the phone when a new SIM card is inserted in their stolen handset. It also goes to the extent of capturing the image of the intruder who tries to unlock the device and sharing it with the owner.


Once installed, apart from protecting personal and handset safety, Ziman has the ability of protecting identity theft and leakage of personal details. The app stops spyware, malware and phishing as well as undertakes real-time scanning of antiviruses. It also offers a fully- loaded internet security for online working.


Raising the bar of safety services, Emergency Map offers its users easy access of locating nearby available emergency services like hospitals, police stations, fire stations and others.


Taking this forward, the application consists of a Chabot conceptualized to reinforce crime prevention. This feature allows the user to avoid any threat to their safety and take precautions accordingly by connecting with a Security Officer in real time. One can easily verify the safety of a particular location before entering, with the Security Officer, who will be available round-the-clock through the Chabot.


On the launch of ZIMAN, Pramoud Rao, Promoter and Managing Director, Zicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd, said, “We have been committed towards our goal of making India as safer place to live in. Towards this endeavour, our latest invention Ziman has been power-packed with superior features to guarantee the safety at an individual level. With unique elements like offering the ease to connect instantly with up to three contacts with just a tap of a button and facilitating of rescue operations in no time, Ziman has been carefully designed to make our consumers feel safer in today’s times. The unique features of Ziman make it stands above most security applications and makes it one of most powerful safety devices in India. Ziman also allows one to help when witnessing a crime by recording it and sharing with a Zicom’s Safety Officer for further action. This grants every citizen the opportunity to partake in a safer environment for all.”


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