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With high-profile cyberattacks globally, India finally seems to be catching up to its global peers when it comes to securing its cyber systems. Our report highlights, about 84% of Indian organisations have been victims of security breaches over the last two years. In this third edition we are exploring story idea story idea around the theme: How is India gearing up to face cyber security threat.

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for all types of business. Data breaches grace the headlines at least once in a day at least. The most worrying effect of expanding cyber espionage, which is the long-term negative impact on our knowledge-based society. Cyber criminals are very smart and it is not possible to identify them, as they are often in a different location thereby making them unavailable in the same jurisdiction to the systems they attempt to breach. Large number of times they operate through proxies, anonymous dial-up accounts, unsigned wireless connections, and other unidentified procedures which makes tracing them difficult.

The upcoming challenges in cyber forensics has brought it with itself problem of admissibility of electronic evidence as well. The Supreme Court has held that the requirement of a certificate to make an electronic evidence admissible is not mandatory "wherever interest of justice so justifies". The apex court's clarification on section 65B of Indian Evidence Act, which deals with admissibility of electronic evidence in court proceedings.

The forthcoming event will discuss on the challenges faced by individuals and organizations with Cyber Security threats, electronics evidences and the legit solutions to overcome the cyber espionage. The morning session will have with two tracks of panel discussion sessions, Key note address and overview of the cyber experts, who are attending the summit.

1. Policy makers round table: Appreciation and admissibility of electronic evidence
(Judiciary, Bureaucrats, Policy makers and consultants to be the part of panel discussion session)

1. CISO round table session: Combating today’s advanced attacker
(CISOs from Five different verticals manufacturing, Payment, Telecom, Leading Consultant, Government authority to be the part of the panel discussion session)

The event brings an opportunity to interact with hundreds of delegates in the cyber space and high profile panellists are from Police Forces, Enforcement agencies, Policy Makers, Sr. bureaucrats, consultants & Industry Leaders, corporates honchos come together to participate in the 17th edition of Infotech Forum and unveiling of the 8th edition of the Brand Book.

We look forward to seeing you on the 7th June, Friday, 2019, New Delhi.

We would like to invite you to participate in the summit as the Key Sponsor and will be happy to share you the detailed information in case you need.

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