17th Infotech Forum 2019

Date: Friday, 7th June 2019
Venue: Hotel Shangri-La, New Delhi

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Eminent CIOs Of India (ECIO)

Distinguished Delegates (Speakers and Panelists)

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BRAND BOOK Launch(8th Edition)


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Distinguished Delegates During The Event

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Topic: Collaboration to Drive Digital Transformation

About IT Forum 2019

Digital is changing the world. Both digitization and digitalization is impacting organizations in a way that today, no discussion is complete in the technology world without these two buzzwords. Digital technology is emerging as a great enabler to pave the way for efficient service delivery, governance and improved access to financial inclusion, education, justice and healthcare. On this backdrop, the 17th VARINDIA INFOTECH FORUM 2019 took place that set a new benchmark for an insightful discussion on digital transformation and disruptive trends that would drive the future.

Having entered its 17th year, the Infotech Forum assembled together the who’s who from across the industry, IT consultants and senior government officials and PSUs and setting up a platform for a day-long event consisting of power-packed sessions of technical presentations, panel discussions and discourses on issues impacting the technology landscape and, most importantly business networking. The theme of the 17th INFOTECH FORUM was - Collaboration to Drive Digital Transformation.

Session - 1 : Presentation and Experts Speech
Session - 2 : Opening Remarks -
Collaboration To Drive Digital Transformation
Session - 3 : Panel Discussion -I : Digitisation & Disruption
Session - 4 : Panel Discussion -II : Challenging Times Ahead With Multi Dimensional Threats
Session - 5 : Technology Show Case on IOT, AI and MR
Session - 6 : Unveiling of the Brand Book Session - 7 : Awards Ceremony


Eminent CIO's of India

Awards Ceremony, Eminent CIO's of India
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Most Trusted Brand Award at 17th IT FORUM 2019
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Audiences in attentive mood
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“We all know that today in a hospital, taking care of a patient becomes the No. 1 KRA. There is a lot of collaboration and communication happening between a doctor and a patient today and technology can drive a big innovation in it. As a matter of reality, the healthcare industry does not use technology as much as it is used in a banking or financial industry. And that is bound to change with time. In fact, we are trying to get into that mould already by leveraging cloud, social media and so on. Healthcare as an industry can be put under critical care. On the other extreme, we have a developed market like USA where there is a lot of focus on wellness and a country like India is trying to catch up with that trend.”

Chandra Mouli

CIO, Sankara Nethralaya

"Cyber security that is discussed today requires a balance of both. If you develop a system or database and you have stopped looking at the security aspect the consequences could be disastrous. There are two puzzles that are visible today - in both the manufacturing and service sectors. Despite disruptive technologies, productivity of human being is not increasing the way it should have. o there is a big question mark on productivity despite technology. Another question that arises is why investment is not increasing despite reduction in interest rate. And these two create a job crisis. If productivity is not increasing no new manufacturing would come. Today the profitability is coming from how long you can make your people sit," he said.

S N Tripathi

Secretary, Parliament Affairs - GoI

"Taking a cue from both experience of technical and judicial system, I will debate over if there is any content which is threatening or unlawful. If there is a threat, then the recipient can register an FIR. There are various provisions in the Indian Evidence Act. WhatsApp should have a procedure or a practise in place that if at all a mobile is routed the message should not be communicated in such kind of a device, otherwise it may be happen that a wrong person could be victimised because the evidence that came on the device is primary in nature. We require a cyber hygiene practise to find out if there are any apps which do this and at all are there any apps which can change the date, time as well as the content of the SMS. These things need to be taken care of very urgently."

Dr. Herald Dcosta

Director- Intelligent Quotient Security

"Collaboration and digital transformation is rapidly moving ahead along with digitization and this is fast becoming a hot topic for CIOs/CTOs. TeamViewer as a company that started in 2005 can add value to our customers’ digital transformation and collaboration journey. We connect people, places and things around the world on the widest array of platforms and technologies. The company started as a remote support company but now we are a full-fledged remote connectivity platform. When it comes to remote support, there are two different tangents on two extreme levels in an IT landscape – remote support is inevitable as everyone needs it, but at the same time a CIO always has the concern of how to keep the public internet network safe. As a CIO/CTO, it becomes a challenge to balance between these two groups. We are seeing more and more people adopting TeamViewer solutions in large enterprises; this is because it helps you give a very manageable application while also giving the power of internet to be used for doing remote support, both in good and bad bandwidth areas."

Krunal Patel

Sales Head & South Asia- TeamViewer

"Digital transformation is challenging the status quo. We are stuck between Yes/No/May be and we have to challenge it. Once we have challenged it, that will give us the answer and this is what digital transformation is all about. It is not just technology or disruptions but it is way beyond all that. Technology existed for last 60 years, but why is there a new buzzword now around it. The digital generation that we see today are supposedly the customers for us tomorrow. They are not going to buy the way we sell. They are different and we so we have to become different. Digital Transformation is also not a single departmental idea; it is a combination of IT and business teams understanding the technology, making a difference in their lives and achieving a target. It is not either the implementation of any product or service. It is basically how you engage your customers and make them come back to you again and again. That is what digital transformation is all about."

Dr Rajeev Papneja

Chief Growth Officer- ESDS Software


Dr. Hearld Dcosta

Intelligent Quotient Security

Mr. S N Tripathi

Secretary, Parliamentary Affairs
Govt. of India

Dr. Rajeev Papneja

ESDS Software Solution

Dr. Vipin Tyagi

Executive Director
C Dot

Mr. Chandra Mouli

Sankara Nethralaya

Mr. Krunal Patel

Sales Head India & South Asia

Mr. Vijay Sethi

CIO & Head CSR
Hero Motor Corp

Ms. S Mohini Ratna


Mr. Rajesh Thadhani

Director Sales & Service
Crayon Software Experts India

Mr. N Jayantha Prabhu

Group CIO

Mr. Dinesh Kumar

Group CIO
Wave Group

Dr. Deepak Kumar Sahu

President & CEO

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