Channel Chief of India

Channel Chief of Indian Tech Industry’ is an initiative of VARINDIA to identify, guide and appreciate the Partner Program strategies of enterprises that help them strengthen and make their channel strategy more efficient and productive.

Partner programme, expects its partners to be innovative and to have capabilities for business model innovation that can be extended across geographies.

For this year’s Channel Chief Program, we have taken the inputs from more than 60 influential and impactful leaders from the Indian tech industry. VARINDIA has conducted an in-depth survey in terms of taking inputs and voting was done in the website to understand how these leaders are formulating their PARTNER PROGRAMME for their respective organizations.

Based on the survey and our internal research, VARINDIA Editorial Team has identified five Channel Chiefs of 2020. It is overall Indian IT Channel and Four subsets in Four different categories. These leaders are exemplary in their professional achievements, have an influential standing in the industry and have done phenomenal work for the betterment of the channel partner community and help drive future growth and innovation.