Friday, 11th February 2022, Venue- Virtual 

Topic: How to Mitigate Fraud in a Digital World 

Cyber & Data Security Summit (CDS) - 2022

CDS 2022, the annual summit is aimed to identify, manage and mitigate the digital risks that stems from using connected devices and systems to run your business. The Covid-19 pandemic has led the fraudsters and scammers to take advantage of our increasingly digital world. Fraudsters are using increasingly innovative methods to swindle people.

Importance of CDS 2022

CDS is the right platform to it for showcasing the tech innovations to the end customers and the channel eco-system in India. Hence, it is a unique event not to be missed out.

The day long summit is going to be attended by 150 delegates starting from the Policy makers, Police officials, Technologists (CIO/CTO & CISO) and the VARs in the country.

The cyber security event witnessed the challenges faced by the Industries in the country, and its impact on other areas of the digital economy, as well as the opportunities towards enabling the goal of a trillion dollar digital economy with introduction of new technologies and associated risks into the areas of Cyber security.

Who should attend?

• Business leaders and executives (managers, directors, c-suite) from all industries
• High-level government representatives including ministers, policymakers, advisors, senior advisors, senior directors
• Executives from manufacturers and transportation companies, logistics companies, financial services as well as tech and digital companies
• Chief executives, chief administrative officers, chief marketing officers, chief financial officers, chief operating officers
• Government and local authorities and industry associations
• Impact investors and responsible investors
• Academia and think tanks

There is sense of urgency that technologies companies, Technology decision makers and eco-system to come together under one platform to discuss, deliberate to find the newer ways to secure and create awareness in the Indian industries. CDS is the right answer to it for showcasing the tech innovations to the end customers and the channel eco-system in India. Hence, it is an unique event not to be missed out.

In good news, we can always take stock of the recent past and know what to prepare for cybersecurity in 2022 is your company prepared if the predictions come true?

Looking forward for ur support to bring the summit an eye opening for the corporates into Cyber and Data Security companies playing in the country.


Tentative Agenda

CDS - 2022 : Event Schedule

 11:30 - 12:00 Noon 

 Registration & Product display 

 Inaugural Session  

 12:00 - 12:10 Noon 

 Welcome Address By : 

 Dr. Deepak Ku. Sahu, Chief editor, VARINDIA 

 12:10 - 12:30 PM 

 Chief Guest : 

 Yet to finalise 

 12:30 - 12:45 PM 

 Partners Presentation - I 

 Yet to finalise 

 12:45 - 13:00 PM 

 Partners Presentation - II 

 Yet to finalise 

 13:00 - 13:45 PM 

 Panel Discussion Session - I 

  Cyber Policy Makers ( Senior Judiciary Officials, Consultants and Advocates) 

 13:45 - 14:00 PM 

 Partners  Presentation - III 

 Yet to finalise 

 14:00 - 14:45 PM 

 Panel Discussion Session - II 

  Five CISO to join the best practices to be adopted to get secure 

 14:45 - 15:00 PM 

 Partners  Presentation - IV  

  CISOs of the Country - 4 Panellists to attend the session 

 15:00 - 15:45 PM 

 Panel Discussion Session - III 

 Five CIO/CTO to join to discuss on the growth in fraud & increasing sophistication 

 15.45 - 16.00 PM 

 Partners  Presentation - V 

 Yet to finalise 

 16.00 - 16.20 PM 

 Fire Side Chat 

 Senior Personality in the field of Cyber Forencis In the Country 

 16.20 - 16.30 PM 

 Awards Ceremony 

 16.30 - 16: 50 PM 

 Partners Presentation - VI 

 Live case Study 

 16.50 - 17.00 PM 

 Closing Note 

 Ms. S Mohini Ratna, Editor, VARINDIA 




Previous Speakers

Delegates attended in 2021

Why to participate in the Cyber & Data Security Summit (CDS) 2022

Cybersecurity moves faster than anything else. It can be hard to know what will happen tomorrow, let alone in the next months. Cybercrime is continue to grow in 2022 and beyond and enterprises continue to fall victim to cyberattacks, with gangs targeting larger organizations with increasingly large demands.

Businesses around the world are proving their resilience by enabling remote workers during the pandemic. Many organizations implemented remote access methods; as a result, their security operations centers are now seeing a spike in cyberattacks that take advantage of remote access vulnerabilities.

There has never been a more exciting time to be a mobile or laptop developer from rapid advances in machine learning, to the many applications of augmented reality, and the explosion of social content creation and mobile gaming. Increasing amounts of autonomous technologies and electrification are redefining the future of mobility in the automotive industry, delivering more safe, efficient and accessible solutions to a global population, brings potential risk to the security.

Many technological trends are dominating the industry as the latest techs are changing the way the cyber security companies are looking at. It is an opportunity for the technology companies to win the confidence of their business partners in the country, by showcasing their capabilities as the power of Digital is here.

Importance of CDS 2022

CDS 2022 can help you identify, manage and mitigate the digital risk that stems from using connected devices and systems to run your business. The issue of cyberattacks is one of national importance. Cyber-attacks have risen this year since home networks don't have the same level of security protection that is accorded to corporate networks.

• Technology (or IT Risk), a subset of Operational Risk: Any risk to information technology or data or applications that negatively impact business operations. This could cover a range of scenarios, including software failures or a power outage.

• Cyber Risk, a subset of Technology Risk: Loss event scenarios strictly within the cyber realm, such as phishing, malware, data breach.

A million dollar question is on Does India Inc Take Cybersecurity Seriously?

1. CDS 2022 helps organizations better justify, prioritize and manage the cybersecurity investment decisions
2. To show case your organisations readiness towards accelerating digital growth
3. In depth understanding and communicating your risks in financial terms
4. Policy makers and regulators to discuss how they can foster innovation. What are the current barriers and how can they be overcome?
5. Take your place and network with more than 5,00 policymakers, entrepreneurs, and decision makers from major corporations, big tech, finance, and regulators.

Experts warn that these attacks are only going to get worse as cyber criminals become more sophisticated and more devices are connected to the Internet. The private sector and the federal government need to collaborate in order to combat the rise of cyber threats. In addressing cyber vulnerabilities, however, protections are needed to guard the privacy of we Indians.

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