Best CMOs in Indian ICT Industry

Just like the growth of digital media that has been playing an increasingly prominent role in everyday life, the role of marketing in overall business operations has also grown increasingly prominent. Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) in the organisation are the drivers of successful marketing strategies and are playing an increasingly larger role in making companies transform, in not just their marketing functions but also in corporate affairs.

CMO’s have now one of the most standard executive roles in organizations. Today a CMO pulls his team together with his collaborative ability and gets the required work done. He is considered as the role model and is a critical contributor to the broadening mission of marketers. The CMO is also the one who works closely with the CEO to ensure the best balance between brand vision and operational goals. It is thus an absolute fact that a successful CMO working closely with the customer must be central to all change.

Many chief marketers still have narrowly defined roles that emphasize advertising, brand management and market research. Going forward, they will have to spread their wings by accelerating pace of change that will continue to transform the role of CMOs and their relationship with corporates as a whole.

These CMOs are finding themselves on the front lines, leading the charge to implement their respective organization’s digital transformation initiatives. VARINDIA in this 18th Anniversary issue salutes the CMOs of the Indian ICT industry for their thought leadership and on how they are not only the asset of the organisation but of the entire industry.

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