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“There is nothing like a right that will be deleted forever from the face of this earth. It may be that on Facebook or any social media, you a...Read more..

“In my opinion, it is not the consent that is broken but it is the notice. We go and try to explain in a legal language of what he is signing up...Read more..

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"There are 2 types of illiteracy – one is the traditional form of illiteracy which is the ability to read and write and the other is illite...Read more..

“There are two issues which I will raise, not on security and protection but on the governance of data. There are two issues in the use of data,...Read more..

Deepak Maheshwari Head of Govt. Affairs- Symantec Corporation “One of the things that I would like to start my discussion on Data Protection...Read more..

Gautam Banerjee Managing Director, Business Brio There is a lot of data which is getting generated across different spheres of life. So from a h...Read more..

“Privacy is as defined by an individual. While signing up for a free account or Android we go through the terms and conditions and we press acce...Read more..

Dr. Avik Sarkar Head - Data Analytics Cell at NITI Aayog, Govt. Of India "The first thing that I would like to talk about is why are we tal...Read more..