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Hemant Goswami Chairman – Bharat Niti “Talking about identity thefts, every time you go to a public place, whether to obtain an arm&rs...Read more..

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"There came a boy in my office who told me to name any website which he would then hack it. And believe me, the boy actually hacked it in front o...Read more..

“I have a couple of things that we should update. I think AADHAR is an important thing in terms of its design, technology, data integrity etc. T...Read more..

“There were more than 15, 000 requests to Facebook support system last year during a criminal investigation case by law enforcement agencies. Ou...Read more..

"Today social media has become the potent trouble maker for any policing affairs. I will give you three examples – one is the classic examp...Read more..

"I believe that if there is a problem, there must be a solution too.  Now the problem statement is – you have a mobile phone in hand a...Read more..

“Privacy is as defined by an individual. While signing up for a free account or Android we go through the terms and conditions and we press acce...Read more..

“One of the things that I would like to start my discussion on Data Protection framework in the country is that any legislation has to balance m...Read more..