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CMOs are the key contributors to the broadening mission of marketers that include the digital and evolving distribution models, which are profoundly changing the way consumers buy products. The biggest shift in today’s marketing is highly dependentent on the changes in how consumers research and buy products . As CMOs are playing an increasingly larger role in technology decisions, it is becoming imperative that they need to work closely with CIOs to ensure the best balance between Brand Vision and Operational Goals.

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The “CMO Awards“ are not just recognising the top marketing heads and their marketing programmes but also about their innovative approach with the changing times and killer strategies that brought about raging success for their respective organizations. It is absolutely fact that CMOs are the role models in achieving tangible results to win by anticipating tomorrow.

Key Note Address by- Mr. Krishnan Chatterjee, Head Marketing, India Subcontinent - SAP INDIA

“As a marketer, I would like to say just one thing that the Digital wave is upon us and we cannot ignore it, come what may. I would like to share here the theory of the ‘Purple Cow’, conceptualised by American thinker Seth Godin. If you are driving down a lonely country road and if you see the most beautiful cow in the world, you will still keep driving. But if you happen to drive that same road and see the ugliest cow, the colour of which is purple, you will stop the car, take a snap and post it on Facebook for others to see. So in today’s world it is not important of how good you are, but it is about how remarkable you are.”

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