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 According to Kaspersky Lab data, recent months have seen a surge in the number of Nigerian letters that contained some sort of reference to Syri...Read more..

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 As per the recent Consumer Security Risks Survey 2013, conducted by  the analytical company B2B International in cooperation with Kaspersky...Read more..

  ESET has published the threat report for India for the month of September 2013 through ThreatSense.Net. According to ESET, INF/Autorun.gen malw...Read more..

  National Security Database, in association with Ground Zero Summit 2013, has organized a Seminar on Reverse Engineering in New Delhi to identif...Read more..

 To develop a better enforcement ecosystem and to protect the interests of IP owners in India, CII has been driving two major initiatives  T...Read more..

 From the research done by eScan, it has detected and sinkholed malware domains belonging to Styx EK and SweetOrange EK that delivered ZBOT, Zero...Read more..