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Uday Bhaskar Rao M.D - iRam Technologies  “I started my start-up into IoT in 2009 and we came up with certain products and protocols...Read more..

Manas Ranjan Panda Director-STPI, Bhubaneswar, Govt. of India “The city of Bhubaneswar has undergone a drastic change in the last 1 decade...Read more..

Cybercriminals are constantly distributing various types of malware based on their objectives, which are often monetary. While Ransomware is a common...Read more..

While the influence of technology has permeated every industry and sector conceivable, whether it’s Banking, Manufacturing or Healthcare, the ro...Read more..

Professor Chandan Chowdhury, Associate Dean – Indian School of Business On 22th September, when I used to be a managing director in an MNC, I...Read more..

Sumitra Goenka, Member - CKS   As a parent I feel a lot needs to be done in India today. We have a population who are not technology litera...Read more..

Dr. Savita Kakar, Chief Scientist - DRDO   Indigenization is one solution we have in hand and DRDO and other organizations are taking steps...Read more..

Rajesh Kumar Srivastava, Pro Vice Chairman - DPS (Bhagalpur & Greater Ranchi)   There is a contradiction in whether you adopt technolog...Read more..

Dr. Vatsala Joshi Pande, OSD (Research) to Hon’ble Speaker – Lok Sabha Secretariat   We cannot handle cyber world in the way th...Read more..