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Sumitra Goenka, Member - CKS   As a parent I feel a lot needs to be done in India today. We have a population who are not technology litera...Read more..

Dr. Savita Kakar, Chief Scientist - DRDO   Indigenization is one solution we have in hand and DRDO and other organizations are taking steps...Read more..

Rajesh Kumar Srivastava, Pro Vice Chairman - DPS (Bhagalpur & Greater Ranchi)   There is a contradiction in whether you adopt technolog...Read more..

Dr. Vatsala Joshi Pande, OSD (Research) to Hon’ble Speaker – Lok Sabha Secretariat   We cannot handle cyber world in the way th...Read more..

Avadhesh Mathur, IPS, Cabinet Secretariat - RAW   I would like to highlight 3 challenges with respect to cyber terrorism which impinges upo...Read more..

In the past two years, cyberattacks on the financial sector have picked up speed. As companies in the sector struggle with the major shift toward digi...Read more..

Jayadeva Ranade, Cabinet Secretariat - RAW   We have a new kind of warfare in cyber space - sci-war, cyber threats and media. Our biggest c...Read more..

Brig (Retd) Manjeet Singh, DACIDS (DIARA)   The cyber world is a hugely complex word. Today we have 3.7 billion of users, 500 million in ou...Read more..

Rear Admiral S Y Shrikhande, AVSM (Retd)   Technology remains the primary instrument for cyber security and cyber offences. I had learnt lo...Read more..