Best Movies About Pets (Top 5) according to Soap2Day

Since ancient times, pets have accompanied humans, helping in the household and playing the role of a companion. It is impossible to imagine modern life without them. They have found their place everywhere: in medicine, police and military service, social support for the disabled, family and even in art. This article presents a selection of the best pet movies.

Best Movies About Pets (Top 5) according to Soap2Day

"Beethoven" (1992)

A St. Bernard puppy escapes from thieves who have stolen him along with other puppies from a pet store. Once at the Newtons' home, he becomes a member of their family and is nicknamed Beethoven. However, father George does not trust the new housemate. At this time Beethoven begins to grow up and becomes the best friend for the children: he protects Ted from bullies, helps Risa in relationships, saves Emily, who almost drowned in the pool. But soulless veterinarian Herman Warnick tricks the dog into experimenting, and the Newton family decides to save their pet. Feel free to stream Beethoven on Soap2Day in HQ .

"Hachi: A Dog's Tale (2009)

The movie tells a true story that happened in Japan and moved the world. Returning home, college professor Parker Wilson finds a cute puppy. Parker keeps him. Over time, they become very attached to each other and become great friends. Hachiko accompanies his master to the station every day and meets him. But a great misfortune happens: Parker dies at one of the lectures from a heart attack. Hachiko continues to walk to the station, waiting for his loving master. Even when the professor's relatives try to pick him up, he keeps returning to the station. Hachiko is sure to the end that his friend will return. That's where the loyal dog dies.

"101 Dalmatians" (1996)

The action is set in England on Christmas Eve. A cruel and selfish woman, Stervella De Vil, dreams of having a fur coat sewn from a rare Dalmatian pelt. To do so, she needs 99 innocent puppies.

Roger, the game developer, has a Dalmatian named Pongo living with him. On one of his walks, Roger meets a charming girl, Anita, the owner of the dog Perita. Soon two wonderful marriages are concluded, both human and canine. Perita and Pongo give birth to puppies, on which Stervella de Welle has her own intentions.

"Garfield" (2004)

Garfield is a fat, lazy, and cheeky cat. Like the rest of the cats, he likes to eat, sleep, and pamper himself. However, despite his selfishness, Garfield also loves his master John, so he is not at all happy about his new settler, the stupid and good-natured puppy Oddie. It's a nightmare for him! Obsessed with jealousy, Garfield banishes the puppy to the streets. When he is kidnapped, the ginger cat's sense of conscience is awakened and he decides to rescue Oddie.

"Scooby-Doo" (2002)

The main characters are four teenagers and a talking Scooby-Doo dog who solve many crimes. However, the Mystery Corporation disintegrates due to a disagreement between the friends. Two years later, they are summoned one by one to Sinister Island to deal with the mystical phenomena that are taking place in Spring Break.

Author: Soap 2Day