Brazilian sports betting sites

Brazilian sports betting sites

The betting business in the country began to gain momentum in 2018. Then Brazilian bookmakers received licenses to operate.

Due to betting the government planned to seriously increase the state budget. In this case the tax from the BK would be 3% of the turnover.
In the next two years the profit seemed to be insufficient. Measures were taken to change the conditions of the licenses on the following terms:

Companies were offered tenders.
Based on their results licenses for legitimate activities were issued.
The number of tenders was limited.
According to experts, in this way it was planned to attract more than 7 billion dollars of investment.

In order to make the local users interested in this direction, a training course on betting was organized. The project Universidade do green promises to teach beginners to make a profit in such a dubious business. Brazilian footballers, and now coaches Zico and Carlos Dunga acted as ambassadors.

The downsides of the business.
The problems were not related to the game. The main difficulties arose because of the difficulty of depositing and withdrawal of funds from users.

Even the best bookmakers in Brazil are not able to bypass the ban.

But Brazilian betting companies are taking a different approach. The country's population of two hundred million and excessive excitement makes an ordinary country a promising field for business.

Main sports fields
Soccer is considered to be the main direction. Residents of Brazil earlier than anyone else in the world are able to appreciate young athletes who in a few years will be known throughout Europe. The best Brazilian bookmakers are ready to offer the player leagues of different age segments.

Behind the No. 1 sport comes basketball. This discipline is also considered popular in the country. Closing the top three is beach volleyball. Most of the major tournaments are held here, including the European and World Championships.

In Brazilian betting shops you can open an account in local reals

But while the redistribution of influence in the Brazilian gambling market is going on, the army of bettors have to open accounts in foreign BKs. Now we can only talk about gambling in the country as the beginning of a massive and great trend.

Frequently Asked Questions.
? What is the betting tax in Brazil?
3% on turnover.
⚽ Which sports destination gets the best coverage?
Soccer comes first. Basketball and beach volleyball are also popular.
? How do I make a deposit in Brazilian betting?
E-wallets are considered popular ways. Payment by card is not allowed in the country.
?♀️ Why can I get my account blocked?
Multi-accounting and bonushunting are prohibited.