Don't spread yourself thin specialization is crucial

Betting on sports is properly thought of as a marathon, not a sprint. Clearly, if you are betting from time to time, this definition does not apply to you, but everyone who bets on a regular basis should understand that your strength and resources are worth placing on the distance. In other words, the goal is to maintain the integrity of your bankroll. In order to start playing, you need to sign up. It is not difficult. Parimatch login on the website. And you are in the game.

How not to lose it all and leave a little

The bankroll in betting is fuel, and as you know, no one goes anywhere without fuel. In this piece, we'll talk about how to keep your bankroll and your fuel for regular play.


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Flat is good, but a percentage of the pot is safer

If you're interested in sports betting theory, you definitely know all about flatulence. Flat is much loved in the gaming environment and often praised, it must be said, deservedly so. It is a very balanced financial strategy that reacts well to both ups and downs. After all, you know that aggressive strategies are good when you are on top of everything, then you maximize your profits, and the Flat is ideal for more balanced results.

Then percentage of bank is much better than flat, and by bank we mean its dynamic state, not static. Here we need to clarify the difference from a flat. A fixed percentage of the dynamic bank lets you bet more when you win (because your bank is growing) and less when you lose (because the bank gets smaller). This allows you to stay in the game longer and minimize your losses.

Don't spread yourself thin specialization is crucial

You can't know everything if you want to. This rule works in life, and it also works in betting. Your attention span should be limited, you should not spread yourself too thin, because it will be followed by a series of ill-conceived amateur bets, which may come in only by good luck. But at the first difficulties, these unnecessary bets will drag you to the bottom, like ballast. You must get rid of it and try to play what you understand and what you are good at. If you want to listen to an expert or advice, then you must understand the motivation. Of the bet and determine for yourself the quality of the argument. More about betting can be found here,