The Features Of YouTube Vanced You Might Have Missed

YouTube Vanced is an extremely modded version of popular YouTube that's extremely popular among the Android community. It adds many features that you won't find in the standard official YouTube application from Google. Features like built-in Ad blocking, custom themes, background play without YouTube Premium, and so much more. This software is available on the Google Play Store. If you want to check it out, all you have to do is download it. In this review, I'm going to discuss how the YouTube Vanced experience works.

Features Of YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced

Features included in YouTube Vanced include:

  1. Download Manager in YouTube Vanced - This manager allows you to download videos from YouTube and other websites without using the official app. Just install the Google Play app and the YouTube advanced download manager will be installed. Just use the tabs on your phone to browse and choose videos to download. The feature also allows you to browse different websites without using the Play app.
  2. Instant Background Playback in YouTube Vanced - With the YouTube Vanced version 1.3, Google has implemented a new feature that allows users to have instant background playbacks to YouTube videos. You can easily switch between videos in the video tab. The modded version 1.3 also allows users to control playback speed and quality.
  3. YouTube Vanced Theme Manager - This new feature lets you easily pick and change your preferred theme from the options available. With the option to pick and change your preferred theme from the main menu, you are given several themes to pick from. The most popular and default theme is still the dark theme but other themes such as light and pastel colors are also available.
  4. Improved Video Playback in YouTube Vanced - The latest version of the YouTube Vented App includes various improvements such as smoother playback, fixed height videos, fixed-width videos, and better format detection. This feature also fixes the issue where the first few seconds of the videos do not fully load. Now, videos load quickly even on low bandwidth phones. The YouTube Vanced Hdr mode provides a great improvement when watching videos on phones with HD screens. You can enjoy high-definition viewing with this feature.
  5. High Definition Resize - The latest dance version has improved resizing features. The feature allows you to shrink or expand the size of your Android device according to the resolution of your selected device. The High Definition Resize option is provided on devices such as the SGH2, Exmor P, and the HTC Desire HD. This is another one of the amazing features that make the YouTube HD app an excellent choice for android users.
  6. Advanced Network Interface - Download YouTube Vanced android app gives an enhanced network interface when compared to the standard version. The settings now show a Pie chart which helps you to clearly view all of the current network settings. The user has control over which programs should be allowed to run at startup. The Google Now Launcher now has a "What's New" section where all the latest apps are listed. The option of changing your default ringtone can now be enabled or disabled. You can also access the built-in dialer and use it for SMS and calls to any of the numbers you have registered with the Google Now platform.


Apart from all the features mentioned above, the new official app of YouTube also offers a very unique and exciting interface that not many other android apps offer. The Google Search bar located on the top right corner of the browser gives a very nice and innovative look to the whole user interface. The tabs have been reorganized and it is easier to navigate through the pages. Apart from all these, the Google Now functionality, unique features like the ability to edit existing videos, easy-to-use video player, and anti-spam features along with the rest of the user-friendly options to make the new YouTube Vanced APK one of the most preferred downloadable apps fro the android devices.