My life after 3 years

For the first time in many years I am happy with New Year'snthone. Together, we chose the Christmas tree, a real living and smelling, together bought toys for her - our first, family toys. What happiness is to love and be loved, know and feel that you are not alone in this huge world! I asked her husband that he wants "under the Christmas tree." He smiled sweetly: "Give me a son."

Why is everything so difficult? Why did it all happen to me? I begin to realize, understand, feel the pain of losses. It seems to me that this emptiness never can not be filled. I wanted to give him a son so much ... Something went wrong, our kid froze, did not want to appear on the light ... Doctors only divorced with hands, encouraging that it happens.

3 years later, May 2011

It blooms everything again and smells, the earth, coming to life, marks what the new, wonderful life begins. Natives begin to specify what kind of gift I want to get for my birthday. What can I answer them? What I do not want this holiday to come? With every year I am more and more despair, that we are tired of listening to these monotonous toasts with wishes to give birth to a child, to become a mother, feel like a woman ... I want to leave somewhere far, far, not to see anyone and not hear ... and not only in this Day, forever. Somehow take this pain, this fear is confusion. For three years I was 3 times so close to my goal, I saw these 2 cherished stripes, hoped and believed. But fate was ruthless to me - all my attempts to bear and give birth to a child ended with nothing. I'm tired of crying, I'm tired of sorry for yourself, I'm just tired.

And now the day is nearing when, once again, I will have to listen to congratulations on your face on the face, taking absolutely not necessary gifts for me. I do not notice suspicious fatigue behind the tightness and preparation. Friendly that this month I did not attend our favorite, women's fairy, I do a test. Oh God, I do not believe my eyes - Lord, you heard my pleas and made me the most needed, the most desirable gift!

Again, I watch the running people, we fell out the aroma of pines and choose gifts. Now I have someone to give them. And the most important, my gift to my husband, I wear under my heart, with a huge excitement awaiting his appearance. He, of course, can be born after the new year and Christmas, but it is not scary, a loved one will wait, because we were waiting for it for a whole 5 years!

Today I became my mother, and my life has changed to before and after. When I first looked at him, such a tiny and defenseless, I understood what happiness is. This lump, so native and long-awaited, here is my most important gift from the Most High. This is what we dreamed about so long, as they asked and what they wanted. Our son has become a whole universe not only for us with her husband, but also for our parents. After all, the grandson for them is the biggest reward in life. Children are our priceless gifts that we get from destiny. There is nothing more important for a man and a woman, how to contemplate how there is growing and developing their common kid. My son is my biggest gift, I live for him and for him. And every smile, every word, every step - I perceive as the most valuable gifts of fate and do not get tired of rejoice. 1xBet currently has a Curacao license and have proved themselves to be a trustworthy and legal online betting site in jurisdictions around the world. Players in India can use this code when opening your account to get a bonus of up to ₹10,400 or $/€130. 1xBet Promo Code India gets players an extra 30% bonus, with a 130% deposit bonus available when registering. Create your new account by completing the registration form. You will need to select your country - India - and currency ₹ 1xbet is a trusted firm that will pay you out if you win.