Varieties of interroom doors: array, MDF, ECOCHPON and PVC

For separation of rooms in the house or apartment used interior doors. For the production of products, a variety of materials are applied: an array of wood, MDF, ECOCHPON, PVC. Of course, the most reliable material is a natural tree. This is an environmentally friendly and durable material, characterized by special strength.

The only drawback of the tree is a high cost, which is not available to everyone. In addition, to install such a product will require powerful loops and other accessories, which is also worth noticelessly.

Veneer and MDF doors

Externally, interior veneer doors cannot be distinguished from similar products from the array. For the outer surface, a thin layer of wood is used, which is much cheaper. The door herself is much easier. The inner design of the product is lightweight and durable frame from inexpensive wood species. Despite such a simple design, the door from the veneer can withstand any impacts: temperature differences, humidity. The surface of the material is easy to care for, periodically wiping it.

Similar designs have interior doors MDF. The outer surface imitates natural wood, and a huge number of colors allows you to harmoniously enter the door to any interior. Outside the surface is laminated, which not only allows you to wash the door and protects against fire, but also gives the shine, protects against the effects of ultraviolet.

New Development - Interior Doors from PVC

A few years ago, a completely new product was developed - PVC doors. Prior to that, the material was used only in the manufacture of furniture. PVC products are somewhat more expensive than the previous category (MDF), but they are much stronger, and externally do not differ from natural wood. For washing doors, you can use conventional water and cleaning products. Resistance to external influences allows you to install PVC doors in an aggressive environment (bathroom, boiler room, kitchen).

Internal design - frame of coniferous wood, and empty space is filled with light polymers. This not only turns the door to the monolithic design, but also provides perfect sound insulation. Outside the design is milling and covered with a special film imitating wood. The thickness of the film comes up to 300 microns, which makes it resistant to accidental damage.

In general, the modern market allows you to choose interior doors in accordance with taste preferences and financial capabilities. In each of the above models, inserts from glass and other decorative elements converting the door to an integral part of the interior can be used. 私は自分の人生を常に良いものにしたいと思い、そのために常に働いていますが、普通の仕事はしていません。このため、私はカジノで働いています。 https://ボンズカジノ.net/ そう、まさにこのオンラインカジノで働いています。