Registration on the bookmaker's website

What opportunities an account gives you

By registering with a bookmaker's office you become a full-fledged client. Without a personal account you simply cannot make bets. You will have the opportunity to view the line, odds, promotions and other information. But, for example, you will not be able to make a deposit, bet on an event, get a bonus or withdraw your winnings. That is, you will be in the status of an observer, not a participant in betting.

Log in to the official site

  • Make sure you are trying to open exactly There are international ones (with the domain com). Sometimes they are blocked because they do not have a local license. These BKs are illegal and we don't recommend to bet there for Bangladesh residents. Maybe you just enter the wrong address.
  • Try to use VPN or proxy. Perhaps the resource is mistakenly in the banned list - and after a while the error will be corrected.
  • Contact support.

Filling personal data in Paramatch

So, you went to the site of the office. To register, you need to do the following:

  • Click on the "Registration" button. You will find it at the top right.
  • First you need to enter your working phone number, as well as your date of birth, email address and password.
  • At the bottom is a link to the rules page. Be sure to go to it, read the entire list. On the account creation page, check the box for agreeing to the rules. Click the confirm button at the bottom.
  • To complete registration, enter the code from the sms you received to the number you entered earlier. Do it and click the "Confirm" button at the bottom.

Step by step instruction on how to register from a cell phone

If you have a cell phone (or Android or iOS tablet), you can create an account just like you would on a computer. It goes like this:

  • Open the parimatch website from your mobile device. The system will detect it and open a mobile version, that is, a simplified version adapted to the small screen of your smartphone or tablet. At the top there will be an offer to install the application. You can do this or stay on the site. This will not change what you do next.
  • Click the create account button at the bottom right.
  • Enter your data (phone number, date of birth, e-mail and password).
  • An sms will come to your number, enter the code from it on the next page.
  • Go to the refill page in your personal cabinet. Choose any method. Press the button to create account.
  • Enter your phone number (the same as in step #3 of this list), nickname, email and password. A text message will be sent to your number, enter the code from it.
  • In the list of bookmakers select Parimatch.
  • Open your personal account, then the section "Personal information" on the site of the BK. Select "Account verification".
  • Upload a photo of your passport (the first page and the spread with the address of registration online pari match) and a selfie with a sheet with the name of the bookmaker's office on it.
  • Wait 30 minutes while the information is verified.

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