Great Rostov. The cradle of the land of Russian

He was not the capital, there were no bloody battles in the struggle for power and, nevertheless, it did not prevent him from being called Rostov Great.

From the depths of centuries
No one knows exactly when this glorious city was laid, but when excavations, items related to the neolithic era were found here, i.e. much earlier than the mention of Rostov in the "Tale of Bygone Years", in 862. The Slavonic tribes of Slovene and Curvich come here, merged with living here the throat - the Finnish tribe of the measure and assimilated it. Here, among lakes, rivers and forests, Russian culture worried and became. In Rostov monasteries, manuscripts were created, and the monks were famous for their educational and became preachers. Rostov did not bypass the raids of Tatar - Mongols, Poles, the Swedes, who smoked at his wealth, robbed and ruined the city, but, like other Russian cities, he reborn again. When he was glory and wealth with Novgorod and Kiev. A lot to strengthen the greatness of Rostov made Metropolitan Ion Sysoevich.

Russian miracle
Miraculously can be called because the entire architecture of structures is based on Russian culture and Russian traditions. The Metropolitan of Jona Sysoevich was laid on great changes when he decided to build his residence here. The majestic Assumption Cathedral is only for the middle of 17 gained its present appearance. With the construction of the churches of Ascension, John and Grigory Theologian and other chambers, all this was observed by a powerful wall and later received the name of the Rostov Kremlin. This is not a fortress, but rather, the castle as the location of the powerful nobles. Almost every of the churches, which are many in the city, has its own feature. Such is the church of Isidor of Blessed, different from their other architecture. Nature and architecture merged here in a single integer. In Lake Nero, on the shores of which Rostov spread out, the dome of churches, the bell tower reflected, and the impression is created that they rebelled them from the lake, and it splashed them on these shores. Powerful walls of the Borisoglebsky monastery, laid back during the days of Dmitry Donskoy and from the blessing of Sergius Radonezh, create an impression of reliability and adventure. Exhibits placed in the Museum of Finifsti and Gallery, talk about high mastery of Rostov artisans. Skazlevsky and Avraamiyevo are affixed by their beauty and Avraamiyevo - Epiphany Monasteries.