Guide and passage of Dark Souls 3 - Tips and Guides # 49

Names of flashes, according to numbers on our map:

Lotteric high wall
Tower on the wall
Wordt from Mronna Valley
Dancer from Mironna Valley

Settlement of undead - fires

Settlement of undead - another pretty extensive area for visiting. Here you will find five outbreaks that we celebrated on our map. Below are their names - assigned numbers on the map.

Settlement Nezholi
High wall of foot
Coloring Most
Cliff Noga
Hollow pit

Sacrificial road - fires

Perhaps the sacrificial road does not seem to be a particularly difficult place, but it is worth meeting with all the fires that you will find here. There are five of them five. It is also a place where you can get to two important places: deep and Fariron Cathedral and Fariron.

Sacrificial way
Fortress halfway up
He resolves crucifixion
Crystal Sage.
Around Fariron fortress

Fortress Farrone - Fires

So, did you arrive in the Fariron fortress? Here you will find five outbreaks again (the exact list below). Just passing through the fortress, you can get to the passage, which will lead us to the Cartesian catacombs.

Farrone Fortress
Around Fariron fortress
Old Farrone Wolf
Ruins Fortress
Guards of the abyss

Cathedral - fires

In the case of the Department of depths, you should expect only four fire, with difficulties associated with their distribution on the place. There is no transition to other places from the cathedral, you can return to the sacrificial path.

Deep Cathedral
Chapel of purification
Bishops Glenbin
Bedroom Rosary

Cartesian Catacombs - Bigs

Cartesian catacombs with traps and a bridge is a place where you can continue your journey. You will also have to fight with one boss here. Look where you can find fires.

Cartesian Catacombs
Great Lord Volnir
Abandoned tombs

Infinite lake - fires

On the way through the endless lake you will meet four fire. Look at the card below.

Abandoned tombs
Old king of demons
Corridor of the old king

Demonic ruins

Soon further maps with further regions where you will find fires.

Look where to find valuable items.

What would the world of dark souls without the best hidden swords, shields, rings and many other valuable items that enrich our character and allow us to be better on the battlefield.

In Dark Souls 3 it is no different. Also here the creators hid a lot of things waiting for their discovery. In our guidebook, we celebrated on the maps only the most valuable: Swords of the best and better quality or other white weapons, shields, special rings and other interesting items.

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