Safety recommendations for handling dishwasher tabs

Normally, one assumes that certain things are self-evident. Unfortunately, however, there are always accidents when using dishwasher tabs, so here are a few important tips;

It should be common knowledge that dishwasher tabs should not be kept near small children or pets.

This applies in general to all cleaning agents and detergents. Dishwasher tabs should also not be licked for fun. Party gags in the form of dissolving such a tab in a glass and then giving it to various people are also not funny and should be urgently refrained from.

We have clearly explained in one chapter which ingredients are contained in these tabs and they are highly hazardous to health!
We should also be careful not to let our eyes come into contact with the tabs. The retina can be blatantly damaged. If such contact does occur, the eyes should be washed out immediately and a doctor should be consulted afterwards!


Dishwasher tabs belong in the dishwasher, not in the eyes or mouth!

Correct storage of the tabs

Dishwasher tabs are always sold individually packaged. This is exactly how we should store them. Dishwasher tabs should not be unpacked beforehand. Otherwise they could absorb moisture and become deformed. The outer packaging also protects the tabs. Without this protection, the tabs could lose their active ingredients more quickly (enzymes are lost...etc.) Furthermore, we come into direct contact with the tabs if they are not properly packaged.

As a result, we touch our eyes with our hands or touch food and the ingredients are transferred accordingly. Small traces are enough to damage our health or that of our children and pets!

If we have actually cut a Mono/Solo tab in half because our dishes are hardly soiled, we leave the remaining half in the pack and tape it shut on the open side. Generally, we should just try to avoid this.


Cutting in half only works, if at all, with mono/solo tabs (as already mentioned!).

Multitabs belong to the multi-phase cleaners and you destroy their effect by cutting them in half.

Under no circumstances, however, should we cut up cleaner tabs that are covered with a PVA film or try to remove the film. On the one hand, this wafer-thin film is part of the cleaning effect and on the other hand, these substances are not intended for other uses. Anyone who does this will only ruin the tabs senselessly and disable their functions!

Dishwasher tabs do not belong in the sink - they should be stored in a dry place at room temperature. Please do not freeze them either, as this will destroy the valuable ingredients!

Don't buy dubious tabs from abroad that have not been tested here - in some cases, even neighbouring countries like Denmark allow additives that are classified as highly toxic in this country.

We shouldn't think twice about it - we only need to ask ourselves one question before buying:

"What do we want to put our health and our environment through in order to save money?"