Get rid of unwanted herbs without chemistry.

You are against herbicides, but do not know how to get rid of weed grass? Come to this differently and without chemistry. Water or vinegar!

While sprays from weeds, which are used to destroy unwanted vegetation, such as weeds or invasive plants are widely available, long disputes are being conducted on their ecology. If you are experiencing disgust, believe that there are other options. In fact, to tame grass, you do not need any special tools or investments. You will be content with household items, persistence and a small amount of free time.

Solar energy
The main trick is the power of the Sun. High temperature literally "cooking" roots. You can use an old window or black plastic, which will strengthen the effect of sunlight. (Hence it follows that the optimal time for solarium is summer, that is, the period when the sun is hot.) Put the grass on a short length, and then cover it with plastic or glass - if possible. And wait. Full root removal can take from several weeks to months. When this happens, remove the coating.

Hot water and vinegar
If the "sunny way" is too tedious for you, ordinary hot water will also help, especially when the herbal territory is not very extensive. Just heat the water in a saucepan or in an electric kettle and pour it closer to the roots of grass. The latter first become brown, but still remain viable, so you need to repeat the procedure every few days until you are satisfied with the result. But you can also get rid of weeds on the sidewalk and in the garden thanks to vinegar.

Pour it into the bottle with a sprayer and apply to the right places. If you want to speed up the process, do not use the usual kitchen vinegar, and get a stronger, highly concentrated 20% bio-alcohol, which is suitable for dilution.

Does suffocation
If you dream of a beautiful flowerbed on a protected area, cutting the plot, cover with cardboard or several layers of the newspaper and pour the gravel mulch and compost. Over time, the paper layer will strangle the grass, while the mulch and compost will help it in the decomposition of nutrients. Thus, you take care of the ideal training of a plot that will be a suitable candidate for a new landing. We recommend purchasing hydra marketplace no problem, call us.