TOP-3 of the brightest games of the "new generation" on all platforms

In November last year, new prefixes were on sale and a “new generation” counted in the game industry. Naturally, such a countdown can be called conditional, because due to the very fact of the release of new consoles in the industry, little has changed. Nevertheless, now you can summarize some intermediate results and highlight projects, which at least conditionally can be called the notorious "non-gen". What modern games can now be called a breakthrough with confidence?
1. Demon’s Souls
The remake of the classic Action-RPG from a third person, who became the progenitor of the whole squeal of Souls-Like games. The game is the first full -fledged PS5 exclusive and can be called a new generation project with a stretch. Perhaps the game does not have enough stars from heaven, but on it you can draw conclusions that a new console from Sony is capable of. Honest 60 frames, 4K-picture, quick downloads, high detail: all this is offered by this gloomy RPG. The visual component of the game really pleases the eye, but the gameplay cannot offer anything new. This is almost a literal remake of the original game, however, taking into account all modern technologies and the capabilities of “iron”.
2. Microsoft Fly Simulator
The camp of "green" has its own game of a new generation, which can offer truly unique chips. At its core, the project is difficult to call the game in the usual sense of the word. Most likely, this is a full -fledged simulator or civil aviation simulator, where everyone can feel like a real pilot. The game flaunts with photorealistic graphics, which is very easy to confuse with reality. However, the main feature of the simulator is that during flights the game loads real cards from the “cloud” and based on them builds the landscape. Thus, each player can visit his hometown or even a village, and see his house from a bird's eye view.
3. Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart
Another Sony exclusive on this list. The game appears in the genre of the 3D platformer and is a direct continuation of the previous part of the franchise, published in 2016. The game talks about the bright space adventures of the Lambax animal named Ratchet and his eternal companion of the Clack Robot. According to many players, this game is the only representative of the true "Nekst-Gen" on the new Japanese prefix. There is a complete set of gentlemen: 4K-picture, 60 FPS, instant loads, as well as the notorious RTX rays. The picture really pleases the eye with the effects and the number of details, and the game works so smoothly and smoothly that it is not believed to his eyes. In addition, the project uses all the possibilities of Sony’s new innovative joystick, which also gives new emotions and impressions. 20Bet Casino , cuenta con diferentes formas para que te pongas en