Hair care

In the yard - spring. Want to be irresistible for all 100? Then remember your hair. The most exquisite outfit and beautiful expensive dress will look bad if you have something on your head, which should have been hairstyle, and the hair themselves will look pale and sluggish.

Whatever hair is not thin, fat, dry, weak - everything is corrected with the right and regular hair care!

Diagnostics at home

The best and right time for the diagnosis - when you were already wrapped my head, and the effect of balms and rinsers almost went to no, but at the same time the head was not contaminated and the hair did not have time to become fat.

Simple, but at the same time the easiest method is visual-tactile. Hair can be considered healthy if he is elastic and smooth, brilliant, but in no case is not fragile and non-smashed.

In the case when you want to learn more about the hair structure - the best way to get information will be consulting and receiving from a specialist. Any problem is easier to fix at an early stage.

Status, and the main health of the hair strongly depends on the skin of the head. If the skin is fat or dry - it can be quite a significant cause of hair loss.

When choosing a shampoo, give preference tools with natural components. Most people have a normal type of hair, so we extremely not recommended to experiment with specialized and narrowly sharpened means - you can easily harm yourself. Some people give their preference to children's shampoos and the economic soap.

When you make yourself a chemical twink, straightening or hair color - remember that, thereby your hair automatically become dry and damaged - and now they need additional care and special means.

Everything in moderation - otherwise your natural new hair will get too many nutrients. To do this, apply funds to the tips of the hair and work out them without affecting the thrust of young hair.

Care graduation

- The most healthy hair - 5 centimeters from the scalp.

- Additional care is recommended - up to 20 centimeters.

- Always needed additional care and intensive feeding - the length of the hair, reaching the shoulders and more.

Remember that in addition to shampoos there are still hair conditioners. It is mistaken to assume that the shampoo will be enough - try to apply air conditioning at least 1-2 times a week. They will help you - will give ease when combing hair and ensure the protection of the hair.

If this is not enough and you feel the need for additional care - use masks. They apply them both before washing the head and after - carefully read the instructions for use, but the main criterion is the duration of application. Thoroughly wash your head after applying.

When using means for fixing hairstyles - tonic, gels, muses, waxes, etc. - the main thing is how your hair will look like.

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