Webinar Software - Get Better Audience for your webinars

If you are hosting webinars as a business or an internet based business then you know that you need webinar software to make it work. However, not every webinar software out there is created equal. There are many options that can make hosting webinars easier and more convenient, but not all of them offer the same benefits. In this article I will take a look at some of the top webinar software options and try to point out those that are not worth using, but which could be if you look for the right ones. By the end of this article you should have a better idea of what to look for when you are hosting your webinars with webinar softwares.

Get Better Audience for your webinars

What You Need To Know About webinar software

Two of the more popular options are Twitter and Facebook. Both of these have become huge webinar software platforms recently, and a lot of internet marketers have jumped on the bandwagon and created a presence on both of them. Unfortunately for them not all of them have had success. On twitter it was common to see marketers promoting products they had no interest in without even mentioning the brand name themselves. On Facebook, marketers promoting their products have used the system to spam members trying to promote theirs. I recommend avoiding these unless you are sure you are getting genuine social engagement from your customers.

Another option is Google's own webinar software called WebEx. It works well, but it has been known to fail at times. One major issue is that webex does not support replay functionality, which means that it can get quite expensive to have the same presentation presented to different attendees multiple times. Replication is one of the major benefits of using the web, but this feature was not put in place by the creators.  To know a complete list of webinar software platforms to increase your sell, check out the link. 

Webinar Software - Metacafe

Metacafe looks a lot like Twitter, with a few differences. First of all it lacks the ability to show replays. This might not seem like a big deal, but it actually is. By not being able to replay a presentation means you can't make adjustments, which can make or break a presentation. This might not mean anything to you as an attendee, but to a marketing executive it means a lot.

Metacafe has received a lot of negative press in the past because it doesn't provide any sort of analytics. But that's actually what makes it a great platform for webinar organizers. Without the ability to measure the efficacy of each and every presenter, webinar organizers have no way of determining if the investment is paying off. If someone is giving a 20 minute talk and you can't track how many people have attended, does that really make sense? No, but this is exactly the kind of insight webinar platforms like gotowebinar and jetwebinar are able to give organizers.

A new tool we've been focusing on called Lifestyler is another one of those online webinar platforms that can really help you manage your leads. It combines the ability to run split tests with a landing page preloaded with different lures (like "I'm leaving now" or "I'm winning! ", etc.) that will drive your leads to a specially designed landing page that contains a sales letter (or other sales copy for that matter) and a sales page link that the attendee can click on and be taken to your sales page.

Speaking of integrations, all of these things are great for marketers but the question remains: Which ones should you get. We've found two very good systems that we can recommend to help you maximize the potential of integrations. Metacafe has an extensive list of integrations and pricing starts at just $500. You can find a system with any number of integrations. And best of all, the list is very well maintained so that you don't need to search through thousands of blogs and landing pages just to find out which ones are high quality and have the right affiliate links in place. Also, if you use Live Meeting you get access to the platform's analytics and reporting as well as being able to track the success rate of each conversion so that you can optimize your future campaigns.


We'd also recommend webinar software like clickmeeting and bulletins as they offer a couple of different advantages over Metacafe and getResponse. First, with clickmeeting you get access to a click channel that allows the webinar host to provide PowerPoint style presentations right on their website. With vbulletin you can integrate your platform with their backend admin system that offers many of the same features as a hosted site (customer support, affiliate management, etc.) But perhaps the biggest advantage that these two systems have over Metacafe and getResponse is that they allow you to integrate with autoresponders themselves. So instead of having to write custom autoresponders for each individual channel, you can write one for each product and use a html template to automate the process. If you have the resources, this can really give your marketing automation a big boost.

Hope this article on webinar software helped!