What to bet on?

To successfully play sports betting, you need to clearly define the object of forecasts for yourself. Every beginner should know what betting methods to use in this case. There are three types of bets: a bet on an ordinary bet, an express bet, and with systems. First, put it using the first two options.

The ordinary is reliable because the event in the coupon does not depend on other outcomes. This will allow the player to quickly gain experience, and then move on to express trains. One of the most effective ways to use express is to add 2 or 3 matches in one coupon. The sum of the coefficients of the three matches will give you the opportunity to earn more, in comparison with the ordinary. But, it is important to remember that all 3 matches will depend on each other.

From the main outcomes, beginners should choose the victory of one of the teams, a double outcome, a handicap or a total. For example, going back to the current Champions League draw, to the match Lyon-Bayern, you could safely put a handicap of -1 or -1.5 on Bayern, given its results this season and the current form of the team.

Of the most popular types of bets, there are several:

  • Bid 12. The victory of the first or second team with any score. The bettor loses if a draw in the match is recorded on the scoreboard.
  • To the exact account. One of the most difficult types of betting, because here you need to specify the exact score of the meeting. The odds on such outcomes are always high, as is the risk of losing.
  • For a draw. It is difficult to predict a draw, but if you do analytics, you can see which teams most often end up with an equal score. It is not acceptable to win if one of the teams wins, only a draw is needed.
  • To win. A common type of prediction that provides for the victory of only one team. If you bet on the victory of the first team, then it should win.
  • Double chance. It is often suggested to make a bet on two outcomes at the same time. For example, 1X means that if the first team wins or draws, you are guaranteed to win. X2 is a draw in a match or a victory for the second team. 12-victory of the first or second team.
  • In real time. A type of bet that is made directly during the match. The coefficients are always dynamic, rising or falling. Here it is important to take into account the entire situation on the field and react quickly, making the right choice of the outcome.

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