What is the best online casino in New Zealand?

Choosing the right online casino is not easy, as online slot machines are now a dime a dozen. To help you make the right choice according to your preferences, we will provide you with all the information you need about online gambling.

Apart from game selection, bonus offers, customer service and other factors play an elementary role in choosing the best online casinos. The best online gambling houses can convince us of everything. At the same time, no online gaming house can be categorized as the best, because each player has different requirements and wishes.

With our insider tips, you have the best prerequisites for success and the best entertainment so you can finally decide for yourself if an best casino online is right for you.


Criteria for our online casino testing guide

Of course, there are criteria that we pay special attention to.

By all criteria, we provide you with all the advantages and disadvantages that online casinos have to offer and compare them with each other. In the end, our readers can decide for themselves whether or not to visit the respective online casino according to their personal requirements.

 Here's how we do it in our online casino tests:
Thus, we have a whole list of criteria by which it is necessary to complete a detailed and complete online casino test. First, we will look at the first impression that an online casino makes. We focus less on colors and more on screen layout, loading speed and usability.

We look at all online casinos on PC and on different gadgets with different browsers and user interfaces. Does the screen automatically adjust to different screens, or did something sloppy be done here?

 In addition, we will look at the filter functions and menu navigation. How many clicks do you need to go to your favorite games, customer account and bonus account, and how quickly can you get back or move from here?

License verification and security

To operate legally in the EU, every online casino needs a European license. For New Zealand online casinos, every online casino needs a license from the New Zealand Gambling Commission. However, your task should not end with a quick look at the appropriate license. You should take a look behind the scenes and check what other online casinos or websites the respective operator is running. Look at the history of the provider and check if there were any violations in the past.