Who speaks of the Viking Lotto online

We have taken a closer look at the Viking Lotto for you in the following test. We have compiled all relevant information about the rules of the game and the winning classes and opportunities. Furthermore, we show you where you can play Viking Lotto online.

Viking Lotto - what kind of lottery is it?

Viking Lotto casino review is the first-ever multinational European lottery. The lottery has been played since 1993, when the four Scandinavian countries Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland joined forces to give their draws a new kick. The objective was clear. The cooperation was to create new and higher jackpots.

Over the years, more states have joined Viking Lotto. In the meantime, the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia as well as Iceland and Slovenia have joined. Interestingly, the rules and betting amounts differ somewhat between countries.

The game amount varies nationally between 70 cents in Iceland and 1.10 euros in Slovenia. Shared are only the top payouts in the first two prize categories. The distribution in the lower categories varies from country to country.

The surpluses from the Viking Lotto are distributed among the participating state lottery companies. In Denmark, the money is mainly invested in sports. The Finns, meanwhile, are known to use lottery profits to support science and culture.

The Viking Lotto Rules

The rules of Viking Lotto are quite simple. The lottery is played on two independent fields. In the main section, the game is played according to 6 out of 48 modes. Furthermore, in the second section, the so-called Viking number consisting of the numbers 1 to 8 is added. If you have predicted the numbers 6 1 correctly, the jackpot is yours. A minimum of three million euros is available in the first prize category. If the jackpot is not won, the amount is carried over to the next draw. In our experience, Viking Lotto has a total of eight to ten prize categories, depending on the country.

How to play Viking Lotto online - stakes and choices

Playing Viking Lotto online itself is very simple. You can choose between two betting versions.


In a single game, you bet on one betting line. This means you choose your six favorite or lucky numbers between 1 and 48. In addition, you decide on a Viking number between 1 and 8. Once the selection is made, you only have to send the lottery ticket to the online provider and pay.

System game

If you want to increase your mathematical chances of winning, you can alternatively opt for the system game. This means that you play more than six digits on a ticket at the same time. This creates additional betting lines as follows:

  • 7 numbers = 7 tips
  • 8 numbers = 28 tips
  • 9 numbers = 84 tips
  • 10 numbers = 210 tips
  • 11 numbers = 462 tips

The Viking number must always be played as a single number. According to our Lotto experience, there are no systems in the second betting field.

Where can I play Viking Lotto online?

According to our experience, you can play Viking Lotto online at almost every reputable lottery provider on the Internet. The majority of platforms rely on the version and payout used in Estonia.

Our top recommendation for the Viking Lotto game is a secondary provider. With a very good overall offer and a lot of additional information, the portal of Multilotto can come up. The lottery provider has been on the market since 2010 and is considered very safe and reliable. Behind the platform is Multi Brand Gaming Limited, which has an EU license from the Maltese supervisory authority. At Multilotto, you can conveniently play your lottery tickets via smartphone or tablet. The lottery provider not only has an optimized homepage version, but also classic lottery apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

How and when are Viking Lotto numbers drawn?

Viking Lotto numbers are drawn once a week. The draw is made at Norsk Tipping's headquarters in Hamar. The draws always take place on Wednesdays at 8 pm (CEST). In the Scandinavian countries, the Viking Lotto can be seen live on various TV channels. If you want to watch it online via stream, you can find it on the websites of the participating lottery authorities.

The balls are drawn from two drums. First, the main numbers 6 out of 48 are determined. Then the super number 1 out of 8, i.e. the Viking number, is drawn.

Viking Lottery taxes

You don't have to worry about taxes when playing the Viking Lotto online. In contrast to many other draws, all profits for the players are "gross = net" in the multinational lottery. The lottery game in the participating countries is generally tax-free. Of course, the rule also applies online.

Note: Anyone who has played with a lottery broker usually has to redeem their jackpot win in the country in which the lottery ticket is issued. With millions in your pocket, however, it shouldn't be a problem to fly to Scandinavia or the Baltic States.

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