Eggplant snack with beef and Kayen pepper

Those who love piquant and original dishes are recommended to cook an eggplant with beef and chili pepper, and it is advisable to serve it in chilled form for lunch.
- small onion-shawl (430 g);
- fresh cilantro -chopped cilantro (40 g);
- sea salt (to taste);
- large pepper Kayensky fresh (one thing);
- small eggplant young (1.6 kg);
- freshly ground black pepper (7 g);
- archass oil aromatic (60 ml);
- black sesame seeds (30 g);
- white vinegar (50 ml);
- large garlic cloves (three pieces);
- sweet chili sauce (60 ml);
- sesame oil (25 ml);
- crushed coriander seeds (20 g);
- soy sauce is acute (50 ml);
- reed sugar (40 g);
- beef clipping (460 g).
Cooking process:
At the washed eggplants, you need to cut off the stalks, then chop the fruits with bars and shift into a bowl, salt and mix thoroughly, leave for twenty minutes under the lid.
Next, the chopped eggplants must be washed and squeezed again, shifted into a pan and fry in sesame oil for several minutes, then rinse with a beef cut and boil it in salted water with some spices until soft.
Dry the beef and cut it with bars, send it to the salad bowl, add fried eggplant and chopped greens, then prepare a small container and pour in vinegar into it, pour spices.
Now it is necessary to pour soy sauce into the same dishes, pour a little salt, then pour peanut oil, finely chop the peeled garlic and shift into the same dishes, slightly beat the components.
Send sugar to the same container, add chili sauce, clean the washed Kayen pepper, finely chop it, having previously cleared it from the core, transfer it to the container, beat the components for about one and a half minutes.
Clean the onion on the onion and chop it very finely, transfer it to the salad bowl, pour a sharp gas station into the same dishes, mix the eggplant from beef and Kayenic pepper well. Sprinkle an eggplant with beef fried sesame seeds and send for about three hours to the refrigerator, then serve to the table.
Mistresses note:
Eggplant is often used to prepare a variety of snacks, since this vegetable remains very tasty not only in hot, but also in chilled form.
The only drawback of this vegetable is that it is a little bitter, but you can cope with such a problem very quickly, you just need to cut the eggplant into pieces and transferred to the container, sprinkle with salt and leave for a while at room temperature.
Salt absorbs all the bitterness, it remains only to rinse the eggplant with cool water and use to prepare the chosen dish. 20Bet Market-Leading Bookmaker and Online Casino in Canada