Stay real
With genuine Microsoft software
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There is no denying that data security or cybersecurity has always been a priority for every business. More so today, as almost every business is transforming into a digital business. Understanding this criticality, we at VARINDIA, bring forth Microsoft’s ‘Stay Real’ proposition, underpinning the importance of genuine Microsoft software in keeping businesses secure and running.  
With the profusion of software available, today, it is very crucial to identity the real from the non-genuine. Non-genuine software may lead to cybersecurity risks that act as major roadblocks to business growth.
To strengthen the trust that your customers have on you, you need to take specific measures to keep their business protected. And one of the most assured way to keep the trust intact is to equip your customers with genuine software.
Why avoid non-genuine software?
Pirated software or non-genuine software often comes with malware and threats that could damage your reputation and customer relationships.
Loss of data
Sensitive information like banking data and passwords
Identify theft
Risk of fraudulent messages with malicious links sent to your customers and partners from your accounts
PC performance issues
Malware can drain PC performance while running in the background
At VARINDIA, we trust genuine Microsoft software for effective business growth. We would like you to leverage the benefits and empower your customers to keep their businesses protected and thriving.
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Best Regards,
Deepak Kumar Sahu
Kalinga Digital Media Pvt. Ltd
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